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Course Test-Out Information

Students, through work experience or previous knowledge, may be in a position to
of a course in their program of study at Stevens-Henager College. When students successfully test out of a course, they do not have to take the course and the transcript states that the course was passed by exam. The benefit of testing out of a course is that students may shorten the time required to complete their program. However, testing out of a course does not reduce the cost of a student's program. Credits earned by challenge examinations do not contribute toward enrollment status for financial aid or veterans benefits. Failed challenge exams are not recorded on a student's transcript.

We recommend taking courses rather than testing out. Unless students have superior knowledge of course content, students who take a course rather than testing out normally experience enhanced understanding of course content.

Associate Deans responsible for programs determine which courses are appropriate for
and the appropriate assessment method, which is normally the equivalent of the course final exam with a score of 90% or higher. Associate Deans may determine that a different assessment method is more appropriate in identifying a student's mastery of the material covered by a course.

Students who want to Test-Out of a course need to do the following:

•    Click on the Test Out button that corresponds to the course you would like to test out of and fill out the form that follows.
•    The Associate Dean over the course will email you the necessary username and password, which will be valid until Midnight of the day received.
•    Take the test at the assigned time and receive results of test.

If the Test-Out test is not passed, then the student takes the course as scheduled.

If the Test-Out test is passed, then the student does not need to take the course he or she tested out of. Rather,
the student is enrolled in the next course in the program by Wednesday in the first week of the module.

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