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Mod 7 2014
Date Webinar
7/02/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
7/09/2014 Financial Aid
7/16/2014 Registrar
7/17/2014 DSS/SSC
7/23/2014 Career Services
7/30/2014 SHARC
Mod 9 2014
Date Webinar
8/27/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
9/3/2014 Financial Aid
9/10/2014 Registrar
9/11/2014 DSS/SSC
9/17/2014 Career Services
9/18/2014 SHARC

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Labor Day Holiday

Just a reminder that Monday is a holiday and the school will not be open. Instructors may respond to emails, but there will be no staff to answer phone calls. Enjoy the day with family and prepare for Wk2.

Posted 2014-08-29 by Ian King, Head Librarian

Student Feedback

We'd like to thank the many students who send in feedback about their instructors. I like to share one or two of these regularly. Thanks to the student who sent it in, and to the instructor for being there for the student:

I just wanted to take the time to Thank you for the instruction, encouragement and professionalism you exhibited last module. I certainly hope that we can stay in contact I am sure I can glean from your vast well of information in the future as well as a possible mentor for me. Since, I will be doing some speaking engagements in the near future I could certainly benefit from a  professional standpoint. I really appreciated the last week videos regarding blogging and creating a professional persona. I am going to listen again before the information disappears from my page. That was a very generous of you and the nuggets that you shared, I was listening to hear and I caught them.

Posted 2014-08-29 by Alan Hansen, Campus Director