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'Student Success Center Holiday Hours'
'We would to remind you that during the two week holiday break, the Student Success Center will be open. They will be holding a Holiday Trivia contest as well! Please see the flyers below for more details on holiday hours and the trivia contest rules.

SSC Holiday Flyer

SSC Holiday Hours'

Posted '2014-12-17' by 'Ian King, Head Librarian'

'Computer Usage Course Feedback'
'Aloha - We received a number of positive regard comments the end of the module. Here's one regarding a computer usage course.

Thank you so much! I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. I have been using Microsoft Office for years and thought I knew a lot, to be honest, I didn't think I needed to take this class. I was wrong!! I learned so much in this class, there were so many things I never knew. I am very grateful because I learned about so many things that make using Microsoft easier, which makes my life easier!'

Posted '2014-12-16' by 'Dr. Alan Hansen, Campus Director'

'End of Module Course Survey'
'We have begun implementing a new end-of-module survey for each course. All responses are anonymous and we appreciate your open feedback as we continue to look for ways to improve our courses and programs and customer service. Additional details can be found at the link below:

Canvas Survey Advert'

Posted '2014-12-12' by 'Marilee Hall, Interim Dean of Education'

'Graduate Degree Program'
'Aloha - Our graduate degree program has been growing rapidly. Many of our baccalaureate graduates take advantage of the significant grant we award to those graduates to go on and finish their Master's degree. If you're approaching graduation you should seriously consider the opportunity that the grant affords. With that said, I wanted to share part of a comment from one of our graduate students (names omitted):

This course has been extremely interesting and informative. I have learned so much. I agree that the material spread between the discussions, assignments, and assessments has enabled us to learn the most from each chapter each week. I learned so much more from my research for each area and topic, and in so doing, broadened the learning from the textbook. Thank you, for sharing your knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for international business management. I have a new and much broader perspective now of the global business environment. As I said in my introduction post, I have clients all over the world, and I more fully understand the research and study I need to do myself in order to better meet their needs as well as to ensure I do not inadvertently give offense. I realize I will be taking much more of this class with me into my career than I had originally thought 4 weeks ago.'

Posted '2014-12-09' by 'Dr. Alan Hansen, Campus Director'




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Mod 11 2014
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10/22/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
10/29/2014 Financial Aid
11/05/2014 Registrar
11/06/2014 DSS/SSC
11/12/2014 Career Services
11/13/2014 SHARC

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