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IMPORTANT: Greetings Students, The online Student Success Center will be closed Thanksgiving day and Friday the day after. Do you still need assistance with your assignment, or an essay? Never fear! We will re-open Saturday November 29th from 9am to 12am MST. Throughout this week a variety of the Learning Coaches will be available for scheduled one on one sessions. Please contact your course Learning Coach for available times.

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Mod 11 2014
Date Webinar
10/22/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
10/29/2014 Financial Aid
11/05/2014 Registrar
11/06/2014 DSS/SSC
11/12/2014 Career Services
11/13/2014 SHARC

Constitution Day Video

Legal Notices - G & E

'Professionalism in Healthcare'
'The College of Health Science at Independence University has four major areas of healthcare education: Healthcare Administration, Health Information Management, Medical Specialties, and Nursing. Healthcare is a major part of our culture and society. Understanding the role that providers play is an important part of the programs in the College of Health Sciences. When a person enters a healthcare facility there is exposure to many different service providers. These providers include everything from admissions to nursing. Each of these positions has a role to play in providing an environment that is conducive to health and healing.  Every employee in a healthcare organization has a professional practice that affects the satisfactory treatment of the patient. Therefore, if the professionalism of the provider affects the quality of the care then provider professionalism is an important concept for patient care. Understanding the professional role played in providing quality patient care will improve quality of care. At Independence University the Health Sciences department helps students understand their role in providing top notch professional healthcare that puts the patient first!'

Posted '2014-11-25' by 'Dr. Carmen Spears, Dean of Health Sciences'

'Writing is Fun'
'Aloha - Who says writing isn't fun?  Another great note from one of our students:

I have been so busy with work this week. Its been very hectic with new designs.However, on the brighter side for me, I am loving my writing instructor.  I believe I am going to learn so much from her. She is patient and very good with all of her students.I just want to say that even on a bad day, I can sit down to do my school work and feel very motivated.Going back to school was the best choice I have made for myself in years. Thank you for checking in with me and I look forward to talking with you again soon.'

Posted '2014-11-25' by 'Dr. Alan Hansen, Campus Director'

'Student Feedback'
'Aloha - I recently received the following note from a student and wish to share it with you:

I want to thank Independence University for being the framework on the foundation I learned back in grade school, high school, and through life experience, too.  All my courses have been inspirational and thought provoking to enhance my skills in today's business. Each of the instructors is very knowledgeable in their respective fields and uses multiple techniques for me to gain a better understanding of the subject being taught. This is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.'

Posted '2014-11-17' by 'Dr. Alan Hansen, Campus Director'

'Top Hat Award Winner'
'We had a number of outstanding choices for our Top Hat Award, given to members of the staff nominated by students and fellow staff members. Our winner was Petar Mijic. He actually had three separate nominations come in, I'm only sharing one.

I would like to nominate Petar Mijic for next month's Top Hat Award. Petar has launched the Bluehost program, which has consisted of countless hours of highly engaged work. This was a vast undertaking, to put it mildly. He has also worked far more hours than I have seen, in comparison to any other employee, myself included. His work ethic alone is merit for this award, but that's not why I'm nominating him.

On top of all of Petar's Bluehost duties, he also works with students. I've heard him on the phone many times ... teaching with the patience of a parent, to the students that may have struggled to grasp educational concepts, during their time as students. No matter how long it takes, he always does what is needed to get them through to the end.

Because of this extra commitment, these students have the skills they need to succeed in life. Is that not the true reason we work at Independence? 

Petar has a true craving and passion to serve his students. On top of all this, he is always willing to help others when needed. I can think of no one that deserves the Top Hat more.'

Posted '2014-11-17' by 'Alan Hansen, Campus Director'