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Jesse Willhite
Congratulations: Dee Hidalgo and Angela Major
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Mod 2 2015
Date Webinar
2/25/2015 Welcome Gen Ed
3/4/2015 Financial Aid
3/11/2015 Registrar
3/12/2015 DSS/SSC
3/18/2015 Career Services
3/19/2015 SHARC

Mod 4 2015
Date Webinar
4/22/2015 Welcome Gen Ed
4/29/2015 Financial Aid
5/6/2015 Registrar
5/7/2015 DSS/SSC
5/13/2015 Career Services
5/14/2015 SHARC
Legal Notices - G & E

'Student Response to Classes'
'Aloha - I was forwarded a number of comments from students this module. I thought I would share one today, This class has been incredibly fun. I actually found myself looking forward to the lectures each week just to see what [the professor] was going to say. After watching each of the lectures I could easily take care of my assignments and the tests. If you haven't watched the lectures you really should. Thanks every one!'

Posted '2015-02-25' by 'Alan Hansen, Campus Director'

'SHARC Updates'
'As many of you are probably aware, SHARC has been in a rather constant state of change recently. I would like to personally thank our National Program Advisory Committee and Student Advisory Committee members for their review and suggestions that have helped us put together a better picture of what SHARC should be and how it should look. SHARC will continue to change and evolve over the next several months as we integrate the new ideas. Be aware that the face of SHARC will change shortly and new features will be coming while some will be done away with.'

Posted '2015-02-23' by 'Ian King, Head Librarian'

'Congratulations to our Respiratory Dept.'
'Aloha - Many of you know that we have the largest Respiratory Therapy program in the country. The following note was just forwarded to me from one of our recent graduates:

I started my time at Independence as a CRT and left your program with a BS RRT, I have went on to obtain an NPS and ACCS. One of only a few therapist to have both.I have Watched staff members going thru other online programs I noticed that they were not even close to the program that I went thru. Specially in the testing areas I found many of you online programs that other staff members were taking a strictly  typing classes. Very little testing of material covered I am very pleased that I went to independence University because I came away with an amazing education.'

Posted '2015-02-05' by 'Dr. Alan Hansen, Campus Director'

'Journalism Club'
'We need writers, artists, editors, creative thinkers and team players (or anyone who wants to learn these skills) to join our Journalism Club!

›  What is a Journalism Club?
 Essentially, it's an extracurricular activity where students will publish a monthly journal for our school. This is a wonderful opportunity to develop soft skills such as communication and leadership, and to collaborate with your fellow students. Not to mention, you'll be able to enhance your resume or portfolio.

›  When is it published?

›  We publish newsletters every module. You can find the current newsletter by going to SHARC Student Information.

›  How do I get involved?

›  Contact Whitney King, the faculty advisor (   '

Posted '2015-01-29' by 'Whitney King Associate Dean of Writing and Communication'

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