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Mod 5 2014
Date Webinar
5/07/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
5/14/2014 Financial Aid
5/21/2014 Registrar
5/22/2014 DSS/SSC
5/28/2014 Career Services
5/29/2014 SHARC
Mod 7 2014
Date Webinar
7/02/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
7/09/2014 Financial Aid
7/16/2014 Registrar
7/17/2014 DSS/SSC
7/23/2014 Career Services
7/30/2014 SHARC

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Summer Sizzle Campaign Winners

We are in the final module for the Summer Sizzle Activity.  If youre a new student, or simply havent noticed, we are doing a drawing each week for students who do their Daily Checkpoint activity on Monday of each week.  The 20 winners each week receive $15 Amazon gift cards.  At the end of summer or actually at the end of this module we will be wrapping up the activity with a drawing  from those winners for a $500 award.  Its not too late to participate if you have not done so already.  Just be sure to do the daily checkpoint activity on Monday of each week.  Last weeks winners include:

Paul Carrieri
Shelley Pampanin
Matthew Taylor
Cally Rogers
Melanie Sood
Michael Brunell
Joel Skiles
Ricky Chapman
Casey Barr
Elora Weizbacker
Michael Gagnon
Shaquita Davis
Alexandria Ward
Virgil Leonard
Christie Crook
Talena Mcgill
Kasondra Fayerweather
Katherine Kessler
Marie Gore
Roberta Henry

Posted 2014-07-31 by Ian King, Head Librarian

A New Mod is Upon Us

Aloha - New Mod, new opportunities.  We still have a few problems as we start the new module, but most courses are up, instructors are in, and students are in their courses.  Whew!  If you're in one of our courses that has not loaded correctly about 3% of the courses they should be up later today.  

Meanwhile, I wanted to share a comment that came in over the weekend. 

Ms J is a great instructor who is very passionate about English,  She made sure that all student understood the topic and took time to assist if not.  She was very understanding during the canvas conversion I compare the conversion to the Hubble space scope Program.I cannot stand writing but looked forward to our assignments.  I would like to have her as an instructor again as long as it is not english related.  Overall I rate ability as above 9.5 outta 10.

Have a great module!

Dr. Alan Hansen
Executive Director

Posted 2014-07-28 by Alan Hansen, Executive Director