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--- Freshman Club Webinar Schedule ---
Please note that the Webinars will start at 7:00 p.m. MT
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Mod 9 2014
Date Webinar
8/27/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
9/24/2014 Financial Aid
9/10/2014 Registrar
9/11/2014 DSS/SSC
9/17/2014 Career Services
9/18/2014 SHARC
Mod 11 2014
Date Webinar
10/22/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
10/29/2014 Financial Aid
11/05/2014 Registrar
11/06/2014 DSS/SSC
11/12/2014 Career Services
11/13/2014 SHARC

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'Student Feedback'

'Aloha - I recently received the following note from a student and wish to share it with you:

I want to thank Independence University for being the framework on the foundation I learned back in grade school, high school, and through life experience, too.  All my courses have been inspirational and thought provoking to enhance my skills in today's business. Each of the instructors is very knowledgeable in their respective fields and uses multiple techniques for me to gain a better understanding of the subject being taught. This is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.'

Posted '2014-11-17' by 'Dr. Alan Hansen, Campus Director'

'Top Hat Award Winner'

'We had a number of outstanding choices for our Top Hat Award, given to members of the staff nominated by students and fellow staff members. Our winner was Petar Mijic. He actually had three separate nominations come in, I'm only sharing one.

I would like to nominate Petar Mijic for next month's Top Hat Award. Petar has launched the Bluehost program, which has consisted of countless hours of highly engaged work. This was a vast undertaking, to put it mildly. He has also worked far more hours than I have seen, in comparison to any other employee, myself included. His work ethic alone is merit for this award, but that's not why I'm nominating him.

On top of all of Petar's Bluehost duties, he also works with students. I've heard him on the phone many times ... teaching with the patience of a parent, to the students that may have struggled to grasp educational concepts, during their time as students. No matter how long it takes, he always does what is needed to get them through to the end.

Because of this extra commitment, these students have the skills they need to succeed in life. Is that not the true reason we work at Independence? 

Petar has a true craving and passion to serve his students. On top of all this, he is always willing to help others when needed. I can think of no one that deserves the Top Hat more.'

Posted '2014-11-17' by 'Alan Hansen, Campus Director'

'Externship Feedback'

'Aloha - The following note is from one of our students who just finished an externship with her program:

Thank you! I'm excited to be done. I am currently working on my employment packet. The job offer was REAL! Bryan who was my externship supervisor mentioned to HR that "it would be stupid to let her go, we need to hire her!" I still don't believe this to be real. I guess I when I get my first paycheck it'll sink in! Hahaha. I will get in contact with Mrs. McCann now. I'll sender her an email.'

Posted '2014-11-12' by 'Dr. Alan Hansen, Campus Director'

'Veteran's Day'

'Aloha - It is Veteran's Day which reminds me of the service of my own family. My grandfather served in World War I and was involved in a mustard gas attack that severely affected his lungs the rest of his life. My father joined the U.S. Army and my uncle joined the Marine Corps. I appreciate the sacrifices of these brave men and women who have served or are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. As such, we are pleased to announce another addition to our growing group of student run and written newsletters: the Veterans Newsletter. This new letter can be found in the Student Information section along with the other newsletters. Best wishes to all of you and a Happy Veteran's Day. '

Posted '2014-11-11' by 'Dr. Alan Hansen, Campus Director'