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Mod 9 2014
Date Webinar
8/27/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
9/24/2014 Financial Aid
9/10/2014 Registrar
9/11/2014 DSS/SSC
9/17/2014 Career Services
9/18/2014 SHARC
Mod 11 2014
Date Webinar
10/22/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
10/29/2014 Financial Aid
11/05/2014 Registrar
11/06/2014 DSS/SSC
11/12/2014 Career Services
11/13/2014 SHARC

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Student Support Functions

Aloha - Are you aware of all the various student support functions available at IU? We have live tutoring, Smarthinking, SOAR courses, workshops, and MyFoundationsLab that can be especially helpful throughout your education. The following note is from one of our students:

I just wanted to pass along to you that I just used the SmartThinking Online Tutoring for the first time and was absolutely amazed!! I can't believe how easy it was to use, the tutor was AWESOME and walked me step by step through, was informative and patient. It is really a great resource! I just had to share my excitement with someone.

Posted 2014-10-28 by Alan Hansen, Campus Director

Start of the New Mod

Aloha We are at the start of a new module so I'm beginning to receive feedback from Deans on positive comments about faculty members. I wanted to share this note to kick off the new module. This is from a student in an accounting course regarding her instructor:

"I always say that we all learn in different ways and my way of learning how to do something is hands on I pick up on things by doing them over a couple of times or by watching someone else do it while teaching me how to do it. I don't do well when it comes to reading I read for the homework but I do not understand what they are saying. this class was great because the teacher knew what she was talking about and I could understand it but when it came to working on my own it wasn't helping. Thanks for all your help I wish I had more time in your class I would of done great in accounting."

Good luck on another successful module!

Posted 2014-10-20 by Alan Hansen, Campus Director

New Help Page

SHARC is pleased to announce a new Help Page designed to help students find the shortest route to getting questions and concerns answered. Containing a problem matrix with many of the most commonly asked questions, the help page also contains links to other commonly used sections like the Contact Us page and Student Information with a Feedback form to allow direct contact to the development team.

The new page is accessible via the Help button next to the Job Board and Student Portal buttons, or via

Posted 2014-10-13 by Ian King, Head Librarian