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Mod 7 2014
Date Webinar
7/02/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
7/09/2014 Financial Aid
7/16/2014 Registrar
7/17/2014 DSS/SSC
7/23/2014 Career Services
7/30/2014 SHARC
Mod 9 2014
Date Webinar
8/27/2014 Welcome Gen Ed
9/24/2014 Financial Aid
9/10/2014 Registrar
9/11/2014 DSS/SSC
9/17/2014 Career Services
9/18/2014 SHARC

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Constitution Day Video

Though today isn't considered a "big" holiday like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, or Christmas, we do celebrate the signing of the Constitution, the Law of our land. To celebrate such a momentous occasion, the school has produced a short video that can be found on the front page of SHARC, right below the standard buttons. Please join with us in celebration.

Posted 2014-09-17 by Ian King, Head Librarian

Don't Know Where To Go For Help?

The school has created a problem matrix for students to use if they're not sure where to go. The matrix is located in Student Information, and can be found here as well: http://online-shc.com/text/Problem_Matrix.pdf

Posted 2014-09-17 by Ian King, Head Librarian

Student Feedback

Aloha - It always improves my week when I get feedback through the Deans and sometimes Student Services about good instruction and service. I've deleted the instructor and student name, but enjoy for a better day:
I just wanted to personally thank you for being such a great teacher. I so much appreciated your comments and feedback on ALL my assignments. It not only boosted my confidence as a student, but it gave me encouragement to continue to do well in this class. I loved listening to your "live lectures" as your sense of humor and examples in explaining concepts helped me to better understand the topic for the week. I am a better student because of having you as a teacher on this journey toward my degree!

Posted 2014-09-16 by Alan Hansen, Campus Director

Summer Sizzle Grand Winner Announced

Congratulations to Clyde Ferree! Over the course of the summer we ran our Summer Sizzle program. We would like to again congratulate all of the winners of the program over 200 students won. The grand prize for the activity was a drawing from among the 200 plus students who won each week by participating in their Daily Checkpoint assignment on Monday of each week. Clyde has won a $500 gift card.

Posted 2014-09-15 by Alan Hansen, Campus Director